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Lazy Sunday, although I can report that Tapistry is releasing another new beer in December called Cyril Figgis.

Coming beer at Tapitry

Coming beer at Tapitry

Don’t forget that the Greenbush’s Advent Calendar Beer case goes on sale starting at 6:00 PM Tonight. Scott was brewing Rage today, I wonder if that will be going in the case. Maybe…

Picture of me.

Movember 9


The holidays must be close, so close that Greenbush will be making this year’s Advent Calendar Case of Beer available for purchase starting this Sunday, November 9 at 6:00 PM for $125.00. You will be able to purchase it through their on line store,, or at their main & annex tap rooms. I’ve heard that the case will have nothing but their top shelf beers. Make sure to shop early as these will go very quickly, I’m sure.

Picture of me on Nov 7

Slowly, but surely…And, Look at those Jowls!


I’ve been so wrapped up with the politics of this past election that I forgot that this is mainly about things beer. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for disagreement, or even a friendly argument. The best thing, though, is when the sparring is over there’s always a good craft beer to drink.

Tapsitry has two new beers coming out in the next few weeks. First, on November 14, there will be a new batch of a SMaSH called Hoponacci, this time with Amarillo hops. Then, on November 26, a Russian Imperial Stout called Batch 100, which will also be available in 750ml bottles. This one should be just in time to keep you warm during the cold and snow of late fall and winter.

Pict of me on the 6th of Nov

The stubble is getting stubblier


Now that the election & electioneering are done until the after the holidays, let’s all get together, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and even the Green Party, and have a craft beer to salute our democracy.

Picture of me five days no shave

Five days and some stubble, finally!


Today is the mid-term elections, so make sure to vote for your chosen candidates, twice if you’re in Chicago. Then, because voting is so arduous, go to your favorite brew-pub and enjoy a fine ale and/or lager. May I suggest Tapistry or The Livery as both of them have their mug-club specials today. Now that’s special!

Just a note: Today is the 4th day of Movember.

Picture of me trying to grow a moustache

Four days. Where’s the moustache?


Monday. Movember. Remember. You know the drill, so go out and have a thrill. Or, maybe, that should be a craft beer or three.

Nov 3


The lull before all hell breaks out for the “Holidays” is so enjoyable. I’ve better get in some new brew-pubs before then, or it’s not going to happen this year. Other than that there’s not much more to be said other than…

Day Two of Movember

Day Two of Movember


A very uneventful Halloween for me and Debbie, although we did split a bomber of Burn ‘Em’s Happy Brewdha. My first taste of this truly tasty ale, and definitely a sipping beer. We both enjoyed it very much.

Now for something completely different!

This is how I started the month of Movember. That’s not a typo:

Picture of me with and without beard

Before & After shaving for Movember


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