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With cold in hand I will sojourn on.

Btw, I posted a picture of Tapistry’s new menu, yesterday, but I forgot to show you what the new sandwiches look like. So, with no further ado, the sandwiches:

Picture of sandwiches

New Sandwiches at Tapistry


I’m so very happy! Tapistry is open, again, today, and it’s Mug-Club Tuesday! To make things even more cheery, The Livery also has it’s mug-club day today starting a 4pm when they open this afternoon. Good thing we don’t live on the east coast.


I must have been so-very-sad about Tapistry not being open today that I forgot what I was doing yesterday and today. I know it was Monday, and mub-club specials at Greenbush, and some other shit, other than that. Who knows?


This is a little sad to me: Tapistry won’t be open tomorrow due to the staff Christmas Party. Good for them, not as good for the remainder of us. Oh well, they’ll be open again on Tuesday, so I’ll see you all then.


Here’s something of interest right here in my back yard, sort of: Tapistry is having a Beer/Cheese pairing event on Valentine’s Day for its mug-club members.

Here are the details:

Mug Club Members
Mug Club Member Beer and Cheese Tasting Event!
Do you love beer? Do you love cheese? If so, come be
part of our beer and cheese pairing event February 14,
2015 in the taproom!

We will be pairing four of of our beers with cheeses
hand-selected by our friends at The Great American
Cheese Collection. The pairing will be guided by Leslie
Swibes, our G.A.C. representative, and the company’s
owner Giles Schnierle.

In addition to the pairing, we will offering special food
items inspired by each pairing available only to mug club
members. One sandwich and bowl of soup are included
with the pairing.

Date and Time: February 14, 2015. Event starts @6PM
Ticket cost: $35.00, pre-pay only
What a ticket gets you: An 8 ounce pour of four beers
paired with cheese, choice of special sandwich and soup.

How cool is that?

Hank Aaron had 755 homers in his career, which matches the consecutive days that I have been on this somewhat silly quest.

I don’t know why I’m mentioning this, at least I don’t know now, but it’s certainly more information than I usually post to this blog. For example: I was at Tapisty, sitting at the bar and enjoying a Reactor yesterday afternoon, and while there Keith was putting up the special of the day. Nothing really noteworthy in itself, but combined with the fact that I watched, and commented on his penmanship several times, you’d think that I would have related the special to you all. It was a in house made sausage with several ingredients, like eggs, pork, smoked chicken livers, and so on. I bet it was very good, but it’s probably all gone by now. Next week, I’ll pay more attention to Wurst Wednesday and report on same.


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