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Lily, my dog, is doing so much better than yesterday. I really think that she’s going to make a complete, or mostly complete recovery. You know what that means, don’t you? Yep! I need a beer! See you at Tapistry and Greenbush.


Hectic start to the day with my dog becoming ill all-of-a-sudden. Her eyes were twitching, she was stumbling and falling down, and she looked totally confused. A quick trip to the vet, an examination, some drugs and $150 less in my wallet later, I have her home resting comfortably. Now I need a beer! And with it being mug-club Tuesday at Tapistry I can’t go wrong. The only thing that would make better would be if I would go to The Livery for their mug-club Tuesday. Not going to happen today, but someday…


You’d think that I still lived in the 20th century as I could have posted the following two days ago when it was taking place:
The Haymarket Brewery people were at Greenbush to brew a collaboration beer, of which I don’t know the style or any other details, this past Saturday. I was able to take a few “behind the scenes” photos, actually just everyone’s back side, too.

Picture of people at Greenbush

Scott & Pete with the Folks from Haymarket Brewery

Enough of that! Today, as we all now know, is Monday, which is the best day of the week, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll start at Tapistry and hope that they have added more beers to their Tier III as they are only $2 today, Then, it’s off to Greenbush to partake in the benefits of being a mug-club member.


Today is, as anyone with the smallest amount of beer-sense & in SW Michigan would know. Mug-Club Tuesday at The Livery and Tapistry. And there is still the KZoo Beer Week going on if you are near or in that area, so if you take adavantage of that let me know what I’m missing.


WTF! This is just the same stuck record on an old Webcor turntable/boombox. You all know the drill! If you don’t, then you haven’t been paying attention, so…Listen Up! Today is Mug-club Monday at Greenbush, become a member if you want to know what that entails; and it’s $2 Tier III beers at Tapistry, which is self-explanatory.

Don’t forget that KZoo Beer Week is still going on, too.

So much to do! So little time!


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