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Not only is it mug-club Tuesday at Tapistry & The Livery, but it’s Taco-Tuesday at Tapistry with Cajun shrimp. Nice! While you’re eating a shrimp taco you can wash it down with one of the “Lab” beers currently on tap, either Oyster Head, a stout made with whole oysters added to the boil; or Rusty Cajun a pale ale with Guajillo and cayenne peppers. Both of these brew are very good with the pale ale being my fav. Hurry up and try some before they’re all gone.

Happy Fat Tuesday!


Ready to enjoy the best day of the week starting with Tapistry with $2 TierIII beers, which has been made mo’ better with the addition of Hoponacci with Amarillo Hops now that it’s Mosaic in TierII. Good to have choices, but $2 makes my choice easy. Then it’s off to Greenbush to enjoy the benefits of being a mug club member. See you all out and about!


Just barely made it, yesterday. Today it should be much easier to get around, which is a good thing since this is the last day of Greenbush’s Bacon Week. Today it’s bacon-Pot-Pie. Sounds like it’s going to be quite tasty.


It ain’t looking good for going out today, what with the snow coming down and blowing which makes visibility near zero a good deal of the time. Stay tuned for updates.

Picture of Snow

White Out


What a great cheese/beer dinner at Tapistry last night! Thanks to the Tapistry crew and especially Keith, who did a great job in planning and preparing the event.

Picture of food

It tastes as good as it looks!

Picture of Menu


Speaking of Tapistry: Today is the day they bring out Hoponacci, this time with Mosaic hops. I know it will be available in bottles, and I would think it would be on tap, too.

Picture of a bottle of beer

Hoponacci with Mosaic Hops

Greenbush continues it’s Bacon Week with Bacon-Cured Pork Rinds. I don’t know about you, but this one seems like way too much bacon/pork to me.

Be safe on this 13th of Friday!


How exciting! I will start out by doing the usual crap that I do every day, maybe including some bacon shrimp at Greenbush to keep my involvement in Bacon Week going strong, then this evening it’s a Beer/Cheese pairing dinner at Tapistry. What a great, snowy day it will be!

Tuesday brings more mug-club specials for the day at Tapistry and The Livery. Also, Greenbush is continuing its Bacon Week with bacon tacos today. Make sure to pick up your copy of the bacon activity book while there as there are prizes to be had.


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