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A couple of events happening this weekend:

The Shelf Ice Brew Fest will be going today in Michigan City, the only problem may be that if you don’t yet have tickets then you are s.o.l. I know that Burn ‘Em Brewing will be there which alone would make the price of admission worth while.

And, there’s the Swiss Valley Snow Cup Games with a tap takeover by Tapistry, going on this afternoon. I don’t think you need tickets, so take and chance and just show up, I think there’s fun for everyone.


Follow me going to all of my favorite, local Brew-Pubs; so very favorite that I’m a mug-club member at all of them. Here’s the list in the order I plan to patronize, and, hopefully, there will be no measles at any one of them:

  1. Arclight
  2. The Livery
  3. Tapistry
  4. Greenbush

If you dare, follow me there.


The details are still eluding me, but the fact remains that Tapistry and will be getting together for dinner and beer on March 5. How cool would that be? For all of the details go to Tosi’ Kinda of surprised that Tapistry hasn’t posted anything on their site, Facebook page, or Twitter Feed. I’m sure they will soon.


Get out today and cool off from all of that snow shoveling with a pint of your favorite brew. That’s what I’m going to do.

Tapistry’s upcoming beers:

PIcture of coming Beers menu

New Brews coming to Tapistry

Thanks to Nate Peck for paying off his debt to me in the form of Noir a Black Belgian Barleywine style Ale from Sand Creek Brewing Company!

Picture of a bottle of beer

Sand Creek Noir a Black Belgian Barleywine Style Ale


Tuesday is nearly as fun as Monday as it’s Mug-Club day at both The Livery and Tapistry. Yeah!

Speaking of Tapistry, they have a couple of new beers coming soon. One is a new Hoponacci with mosaic hops, and the other is a double IPA, which I don’t know what’s it’s called as I can’t read my own hand writing. More info later…


The snow will not impede my progress to Tapistry and Greenbush. There’s too much to miss on this Funday-Monday for me to do otherwise. Thank God for my snow blower!

A Light Winter Snow

A Light Winter Snow


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