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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Just another Mug-Club Tuesday when I go to Tapistry to enjoy the benefits of $1 off any of their beers. Of course, The Livery also also have their Mug-Club day, today. Both are great places whether you’re a member or not.

I’m now watching the Tapistry crew brewing another batch of Mr. Orange, I’m sure for a second round of canning. Gotta love it!


Another new week; another 7 days of daily repetition.

Another view via video of the canning process at Tapistry: Video 3 (I just started uploading it to YouTube, so it may take several minutes before this link is live.)


Started my day early at Tapistry to watch their second round of canning, which happened to be Reactor. No beer for me yet, but this afternoon I will be buying a four pack of Mr. Orange and Reactor. You can do the same, too, as they are now on sale for everyone, of legal drinking age, at Tapistry. See you there!

Picture of canning operation

Empty cans ready to be filled


Yep, it’s another Mug-Club Tuesday at Tapistry and The Livery. All current members should take their assigned positions at the bar.

Finally, thanks to Bruce C, I took the very short drive east on Shawnee for a glimpse of a new brewery under construction. The name of this new brewery: Cultivate Brewing Company, a name which I’m sure was chosen, at least in my humble opinion, because of the hop field they have in place adjacent to the brewery. If the sign that’s posted near the entrance is any indicator, then me, and anyone else, will be able to enjoy the fruits of another local brewery.

Picture of new Brewery

Cultivate Brewing Co


Mondays are a must attend for me, mainly because it’s the best day of the week for craft beer. So, with that in mind, I will be off to Tapistry for their $2 TierIII beers, which includes a new cream ale, cleverly called C.R.E.A.M; then it’s over to Greenbush I’ll go for their mug-club Monday, 1/2 priced groups A & B brews. Don’t get much better than that. If you do chose to go out late this morning, or early afternoon, just be aware that it’s fricking snowing! I thought it was spring!


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