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Not much going on in my neck of the woods, although there is Wurst Wednesday going on at Tapistry today. Also The Livery, as well as Tapisry, have Team Trivia going on tonight. Good beer, games and food, it doesn’t get better than that!

Does this beer make me look fat?


Yes, it’s Tuesday! The second best day of the week, especially when mug-club specials are available at The Livery and Tapistry. I know that I will be taking advantage of one of these, for sure!


The weather is supposed to be nice with improving conditions for most of the week, so no excuses needed for getting out to your favorite Brew-Pub. And, what a way to start the week with $2 pints from TierIII at Tapistry, and Mug-Club Monday at Greenbush with half priced Groups A & B beers for half price. Now tell me what is wrong with that?


Eight Hundred would be excellent tally if it were my average in a bowling series; how impressive it is with going to brew pubs, especially Greenbush, since that’s where it all started, I don’t know.

One thing I do know is that Debbie and I were spared a slow and feeble Sunday morning, which works out to make things that much better for the day.

See you all at Greenbush and Tapistry!


This could be really scary; Debbie and I are meeting with Matt, Angie, Kevin and Pat starting at Greenbush and ending up who-knows-where. You never know what kind of mischief we will be up to this afternoon.


Looks like Burn ‘Em Brewing has been very busy. Not only did they just released a fresh batch of canned brews, but they are going to start construction on a to-go room for our consideration. Can’t hardly wait!


A little bit more information about the canning news at Tapistry that I had mentioned in yesterday’s post. Nate, Tapistry’s head brewer, told me that they’ll be brewing 30 barrel batches of both Mr. Orange & Reactor in the next couple of weeks with canning to take place by the first week in April. Here’s hoping that they can stay on schedule.

I went on a little road trip this morning to Michigan City in search of some 4 packs of Burn ‘Em brew. I have had good fortune in the past with Trail Creek Liquors, so there is where I went. The last time I made this same trip Trail Creek had opened at 10 am EST, so I timed my adventure so I would get there about then. Well, I got there a 10 minutes before 10 to find that they were not only closed, but didn’t open until 11am. Crap! So I looked up their mother store King Richards Liquors which, according to what I could find on the internet, opened at 10 am. I arrived a few minutes late at the second stop only to find a delivery driver waiting for them to open at 10 am, so I waited. And waited, and waited some more. I waited until 10:45 am and still no one to open the store had arrived. The delivery driver, now joined by another delivery truck and driver, were still waiting when I left. Long story short, I didn’t come home with any Burn ‘Em, or any others’ beer. Bummer!


Tuesday means Taco Tuesday at Greenbush & Tapistry, and Mug-Club day at The Livery and Tapistry. Seems like a person can’t go wrong today.

Speaking of right things; Tapistry looks like they’re close to canning a couple of their beers.

Picture of two cans of beer

Mr Orange & Reactor in Cans


Mondays are not going to be the same at Greenbush without Lindsey. Don’t be a stranger, Lindsey!

Picture of Lindsey and Nicole

Nicole & Lindsey


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