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Come on by Greenbush to see Brittney (Mrs. Romeo) on her last day bartending. Speaking of last days, Blake Murray had his at Greenbush, yesterday. No worries, though, as he’ll be at Burn ‘Em Brewing full time, so you can see in there.

Just six days to the fund raiser for Laura Campbell. Don’t forget.


No excuses, I just forgot. Now, let’s move on to today, which happens to be the best day of the month. I know this is going to sound like a broken record, and that makes sense as I’m still stuck in the same groove. You know the drill: First I’ll meet with Bruce at Tapistry for $2 TierIII beers and lunch, then off to Greenbush for half-prices Groups A & B beers for Mug-Club members. Yes!

Speaking of Greenbush: There will be an event to raise funds for Laura Campbell, who has been dealing with cancer for the past 15 years. Recently she had been diagnosed and treated for a small cancerous tumor in her brain the result of metastasis. Here are the details, so far, that the organizer of this event, Emily Kamp, has told me.

“Hi Lloyd! Right now the plan is 4-close Tuesday, May 5th. Greenbush will be giving back 50% of our total sales to Scott & Laura to take a family trip to Disney. Posters should be going up Monday or Tuesday. Please help spread the word! Would love to get as many people to come into Greenbush that night as possible

“We’ll also be doing a raffle & money raised for tickets will also go to Scott/Laura… Possibly some t-shirts too”

If you can, please attend this event to help this wonderful woman attain a dream, or two and more.

Picture of Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell


I did miss yesterday’s post, but I have a good excuse. Below is a picture of a 20′ tower that I put up, which took most of Friday, and a little bit of a previous day, to complete:

Picture of a tower

The first of two Hop Towers

And, don’t forget that Burn ‘Em Brewing will not be opening their tasting/to-go room until May 9, which, fittingly, corresponds to Steev and Blake’s father’s birthday. What a great tribute!

See ya at Greenbush and Tapistry a little later today!


If you look at today’s calendar date, you may be incredulous after seeing snow flurries this morning along with a cold northwest wind. I, of course, will not let a few snow flakes interfere with my endeavors.


Wow! Is it Monday already! Where did the weekend go? Oh well, at least Monday is a funday. And why not? $2 TierIII beers at Tapistry followed by Mug-Club specials of 1/2 price groups
A & B beers at Greenbush. Can’t go wrong even on this dreary spring day.


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