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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Lots of fun with some hairy moments at Greenbush:

PIcture of Aaron

Aaron didn’t know which side was his best

I drove by Tapistry this morning and noticed a compressor outside of the front entrance to the brewery. To me this can only mean they were canning more beer, probably Mr Orange as they had canned Reactor on Tuesday.


It’s tax day! After mailing your tax forms, why not take the few dollars that may be left and join me at Greenbush for Shears & Beers Fund-Razor, and the release of Sunspot ($2 off growler fills for Mug-Club Members today, too). At least you may leave feeling a little better and have an additional deduction for next year’s tax filing.


I’m so glad that it’s Mug-Club Tuesday at Tapistry, as well as The Livery, so I can go out and celebrate my Centennial Hops emerging for the new season.

Picture of Centennial Hop Plant

Centennial Hops getting ready for the new Season


Another Monday, another day of specials at some of my favorite brew-pubs. I’ll start at Tapistry and take advantage of of $2 TierIII beers, which, btw, is available to all not only mug-club members. Then it’s off to Greenbush for Mug-Club Monday with special available only to mug-club members. The good news here is that you could become a member for the paltry sum of $60 for a life time of enjoyment.


Back to the present. And here-we-go. Much better, for one thing! And, as I mentioned in my Twitter feed, Burn ‘Em Brewing will have their tasting-Togo facility ready to go on April 25 at their production location in Michigan City on Freyer Rd.


What the…!? This cold really knocked me for a loop yesterday the main reason this is going up one day late. Nothing really to say, except that I did miss the beer festival at the Blue Chip Casino. Oh well, maybe next year?


Today is the day that I do something a little bit different from the same-old crap that I normally do. I’m going to Water Vliet to meet with my buddy Bruce at Arclight, seeing that I haven’t been there for quite a while, I’m really looking forward to this trip. And, while I’m there, I might as well have a bit of lunch at La Chula.


Chinooks are transplanted, in addition to the Cascades that Kevin removed from his now temporary home and gave to me. Of course, they are in their own little zone.

Picture of ground where hops are

Newly transplanted Chinook Hops

And, today is the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War between the states.

All of the above warrants going to Tapistry and Greenbush.


It’s a crappy day. Must be time to play. Good thing it’s Mug-Club Tuesday at Tapistry. If you live closer to Benton Harbor, then you may want to check out The Livery as it’s their Mug-Club Day, too. They also have a life-time membership making it a real sweet deal!


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