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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hope everyone had a very happy and pleasant Easter! Now, that it’s Monday, we need to move on to Mug-Club day at Greenbush with half-priced groups A & B beers; also, all TierIII beers at Tapistry are $2; and, just to make it that much better, it’s Dyngus Day!


Look at what Nate, head brewer at Tapistry, gave me:

Picture of brewing book

The Joy of Home Brewing

This book, along with the Mr. Beer kit that Bruce gave me for Christmas (And growing my own hops), all but seals my destiny to start home brewing.


Good Friday not looking all that good; at least in the weather sense. I, on the other hand, am looking just fabulous!


Yesterday it was very nice to be outside, so what did I do? I spent part of the day at Tapistry and Greenbush. Today it’s not so nice outside, and guess what I’m going to do? The correct answer is: Spend part of my day at Tapistry and Greenbush.


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