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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Yep, I’m still going strong! I have been busy enjoying the outdoors and the summer weather, so I have neglected keeping up with this blog. I really don’t see that changing for the next month or two, either, but I will post occasionally just to reaffirm my existence.

On to some news: The Livery will be celebrating their tenth year this weekend with special bottle releases and other events. They are the first micro-brewery that I went to in this area, and the first mug club that I joined. Check them out if your in the Benton Harbor area.

Speaking of mug clubs; I joined another one at a brand new brewery in Berrien Springs. Cultivate opened their doors just a few, short weeks ago and are definitely worth a stop on the beer trail. They are located in the middle of wine country, so there should be something for both the wine and beer lovers. If you join their mug club it’s only $50 for a life time membership and you get a really cool ID, too!

Picture of Membership ID

Really cool ID!


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