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The Quest Continues…Drinking beer one day at a time

It was a tough job, but I got it done (even though I will not be doing it again for quite a while); four brew-pubs in one day. I started at Arclight where I had Firelake their American Pale Ale, followed by Arcturus, which is a Red IPA. Both very good, especially the Arcturus. Also, I had a taste of their Belgian Dubbel–Sweet Apple Pie they call Santa’s Sleigh’r; not something that I would normally drink, but it did really taste like apple pie.

Picture of Arclight Beer Menu

Arclight Beer Menu 11/21/2014

From Arclight I was off to The Livery where I had their Wee Heavy, a very hardy Scotch Ale that I like for some reason, especially since I tend to gravitate to IPAs.

Of course, I did go to Tapistry having my usual Hoponacci with Amarillo Hops, and finishing at Greenbush with a Star Chicken Shotgun.


Picture of me on November 22

Movember 22


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