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The Quest Continues…Drinking beer one day at a time

It seems that the party will end early at Greenbush.

It seems that Tapistry will be bringing in the new year with two small batch IPA’s on tap today. One English IPA and one Black IPA & a peanut butter brown ale on as well. Since they didn’t publish any revised hours, I would have to assume that they’ll be open until 10PM.

The Livery will be celebrating tonight with Team Trivia starting at 7:30pm, a fully loaded beer menu, and a few Bourbon-Barrel aged beers, Sojourner and Cherry Friek to be exact.

Arclight will be opened until 1am tomorrow with a blueberry wit that they have aptly named Blue Lunatic.

All of the above have food available except for Arclight, although there’s a great Mexican restaurant very close to them call La Chula. You can pick up some food to go and bring it to Arclight to enjoy with a beer or three.

I know there are dozens of other brew-pubs with an hour or two drive of me, but the above four are not only my favorites (And the closest to my house), but I’m a mug-club member at all of them.

Happy New Year!


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