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The Quest Continues…Drinking beer one day at a time

There was a good crowd at Greenbush for Laura Campbell on Tuesday, at least when I was there and from what I heard from others. Good turn out should equate to a great fund raiser; I don’t really know as I haven’t heard any figures for the amount of money raised, but I’m sure it was really good. Not only did Greenbush put up 50% of their take and with 100% of the raffle money going to Laura, but all of the servers donated their tips, too. Wow!

Today there is a very special opening, at least one I have been anxiously awaiting. Burn ‘Em Brewing is opening their tasting/to-go room at 10am CDT. Debbie and I are going to be there by early afternoon, so why not you?

And while you are in Indiana, why not take a trip east to Granger for the Inaugural Indiana Michigan Craft Beer May Fest. I’m not going, but that shouldn’t prevent you from going and enjoying.

Picture of Mayfest information

Indiana Michigan Craft Beer Mayfest



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